The Best Free Thing to Do in Tampa

Put on your walking shoes and trek off to the best free adventure in Tampa.  You have two choices:  explore the Riverwalk or discover Bayshore Boulevard. Better yet, do both. Walk until your drop.  You won’t be bored.

Join me for a “speed walk” in Tampa through photos, starting at Riverwalk’s 2.5 mile pathway past the city’s best museums, parks, hotels, and restaurants. Being there at the end of a rainfall with the setting sun sneaking past the leaden clouds was a serendipitous experience. Reflections, refractions, rainbows, remarkable!








Walking Bayshore Boulevard the next day, I experienced a different vibe from Riverwalk’s urban scene , as the 4.5 mile path winds parallel to the expansive Tampa Bay.   Prestigious mansions, sculptures, and wildlife (elusive the windy day I was there) provide non-stop entertainment along this route.




If you are lucky enough, you will see another form of “wildlife”:  a pilot flying and landing the ICON A-5 Amphibian Aircraft.


Tired of walking but want to explore some more?  Take a short drive to Ballast Point Park and enjoy the views from a bench on the pier and reflect on your two days of walking in Tampa:  Cost:  $0.0; Experience:  Priceless.


10 thoughts on “The Best Free Thing to Do in Tampa

  1. A wonderful walk! Delightful photos! You caught wonderful light effects in the lens.

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  2. Stunning photos of these personal tours. And, bonus of a personal amphibian plane – who knew?


  3. Beautiful photos! Capturing and managing light is key to a GREAT photo and you did it wonderfully in this post. Our city is lucky to have light as a dancing partner.

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  4. Oh…and just curious. What camera do you use?

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  5. Those are awesome photos ~ especially the one with the rainbow! 🙂


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