ICON-nie: A Shape Shifter Caught on Video

A bird’s eye view of life on the Champlain Islands
(Photo by Bryan Holmes)

A Shift Shaper

Can a seaplane change to a rabbit to a bird to a fish and back to a bird again? Our friend and major airline captain, Brett Garner, thinks it can. If fact, he calls our ICON A5 a “Shape Shifter.” While we were vacationing in Vermont, my husband, Bruce, and Brett flew ICON-nie to explore beautiful Lake Champlain from the air.

The Transformation

At Northern Lights Airfield (VT46) in Grand Isle County, Vermont, the plane hopped high off an emerald green runway into a cool blue sky. Then like a confident Canadian goose, ICON-nie soared over rippled water and peered down on luxurious estates hidden on scattered private islands. Dipping earthward, she landed on and darted along the water’s surface like a lake trout chasing an eager fisherman’s lure.

Your Turn

Why am I telling you this when you can see the sights for yourself? Take a look at the ICON A5 Shape Shifter in action. Brett is the primary videographer and producer of this YouTube video, which he supplemented with some footage taken by ours sons, Bryan and Matthew Holmes. Check it out:

(Video by Brett Garner)

2 thoughts on “ICON-nie: A Shape Shifter Caught on Video

  1. Carolyn Walkup

    What a fantastic ride as a rabbit, bird and fish! Thanks to Brett Garner, Matt and Brian for the super videography. IConnie is amazing! Thanks to Captain Bruce and to YOU, Connie for this wonderful blog.


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