First blog post

Really? Really, Life?

Life, are you really motivating me to write a blog to comment on your idiosyncrasies, foibles, and serendipity?  Understanding you at times is like placing a piece into a jigsaw puzzle:  the piece looks right, but it’s not the correct fit.  Other times understanding you is like confidently running down stairs, inexplicably missing the final step, and sprawling skinned and bruised on the pavement. Understanding you can also be like expecting a blind date to be Brad Pitt and finding Ramsey Bolton at the front door instead.  Brad may melt a heart, but Ramsey much prefers to pierce a heart–literally–into pieces. Then when I am at the pinnacle of my confusion, running in a dark forest, tripping on roots, and failing to find the correct trail to escape your bogeyman,  I stumble upon a clearing.  Overhead, a brilliant shaft of sunlight points to the path of safety.

Really, Life?  Really!