Women, Wine, Weenies, and Wow!: At the Great Market Hall, Budapest


Great Market Hall.  Photo by theusj at http://budapestmarkethall.com/great-market-hall-budapest


Women from Eastern Europe are getting a lot of press these days, thanks to our president-elect’s gorgeous wife, Melania Trump. My observation is that Eastern Europe is indeed the home of  a bevy of beautiful women.  In fact, one greeted us at the front door of the famous Great Market Hall near the Pest side of the Liberty Bridge. While Melania wears the latest fashions, this beauty wears the oldest fashions, lace and embroidery made by the women of Hungary for centuries. Her colorful, art-full greeting was our first “wow,” and we hadn’t even gotten in the building yet.


Inside, there was a plethora of stalls selling table linens crafted with this folk art needlework.  Are they really made in Hungary?  A discerning consumer needs to inspect the pieces closely because some of them are made in China, so look for the local ones which are clearly marked.  Don’t just look for them at the Great Market Hall. Women all over the city–in shops, on the sidewalks, along the Danube’s promenade–are selling these works of tradition.



At the Great Market Hall, you will find three floors of shopping and restaurants to explore.  The view from the top floor produces the second “wow” of the day as it showcases the beautiful art nouveau design  of this building in the iron work on the second floor. The glowing gothic-arched windows on the opposite wall seem to whisper: “Welcome, Pilgrims, prepare to worship at the Altar of Consumerism. Leave a monetary sacrifice, and you will be blessed with riches beyond your imagination.”



Luckily for my budget, I am more of a “looker” than a shopper, so I did not supplicate myself to the shopping god.  Temptation , however, was down every corridor and around every corner.  The attractive displays look as if they were composed by the Dutch masters of still life paintings. The canvas before me presented sweet Tokaj wine, glistening gold and amber in glass bottles; the heady fruit brandy, Pálinka, with realistic renderings of berries, apricots, and plums printed on the labels; as well as the hearty red wine, Egri Bikaner, hiding its blood-red beauty in dark bottles. Tucked amid the alcohol were the red, white, and blue tins of Hungarian paprika and the black cans of decadent goose or duck paté and fois gras.



While the spirits, paprika, and paté selections were impressive in their orderliness, they didn’t have the “wow” factor the next canvas did.  Salami, weenies, hot dogs, sausages, whatever you want to call them, hung in neat rows, rested in symmetrical slices, and hovered together on the shelves.  Not just tourists, but the locals also, find culinary salvation through the purchase of the perfect sausages.fullsizeoutput_1e7b

In fact, as you walk the streets of Budapest, you see the how high the populace holds the lowly weenie in esteem. It is elevated gourmet street fare.



The canvases showcasing Natures’s bounty could have hung on the walls of any great art museum:  golden butternut squash, purple eggplants, creamy parsnips, and variegated green vegetables.  A big “wow” here is definitely well deserved.


Others could convincingly argue that artisanal chocolates earn the loudest “wow”!  Chocoholics claim that these works of art painted with a jeweled palette of fruit and nuts are a sweet, sublime treat akin to a religious experience.


I say “amen” to that!  You will also exclaim “amen” when you find your gods to worship during your own pilgrimage to the Great Market Hall in Budapest.


2 thoughts on “Women, Wine, Weenies, and Wow!: At the Great Market Hall, Budapest

  1. Connie, your pictures and words make me feel as if I were in the Great Market! I have a ‘thing’ for linens and embroidery work. Did you buy any pieces?

    I love seeing the traditional dress of different countries. You are right, she IS a beauty. My French ancestors were from Alsace (Elsass) have some of the most unique and remarkable headdresses. You would love the intricate designs.

    Thank you for sharing another of your great travel adventures.


    On Fri, Dec 2, 2016 at 3:49 PM, Flying to Adventure–with Detours wrote:

    > Flying to Adventure–with Detours posted: “Slovenian women are getting a > lot of press these days, thanks to our president-elect’s gorgeous wife, > Melania Trump. My observation is that Slovenia is indeed the home of a > bevy of beautiful women. In fact, one greeted us at the front door of ” >


    • Thanks, Julie, for such nice comments! I also love linens and needlework–such a work of art and a dying art this point of time. I did not buy any of these gorgeous pieces. We had limited room in our suitcases, and I had to save room for the few other things I bought–including two hand woven table runners from Prague. I still over did it because I hurt my shoulder carrying my suitcase on the way home (souvenirs equal extra weight). I am now under the care of my ortho doc! I also bought new suitcases, two of the lightest ones Samsonite makes. I also bought a Samsonite small carry on that rolls and fits under an airlane seat. This last one will be my life savior I believe. No more walking through airports with a duffel bag on my shoulder.

      Concerning Alsace, I have not researched the native dress of the area where my ancestors lived. I will do that! When we were in Austria, we were told that even today the citizens are very proud of the regions they live in. Therefore, they wear the native dress; it’s not just saved for festivals and holidays. We were told, “If you see people in native dress, they aren’t dressing for you, the tourists. They are dressing for themselves.” I had no idea!


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